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Paul-Marie BeraudoAvocat au Barreau de Thonon-Les-Bains

Fee policy

The client is always informed of the fee policy on the first meeting.

The office’s fees are invoiced in accordance with the applicable national regulatory principles. They state that the fees should be based primarily upon the time spent on a client matter, and also: the nature of the legal problem, including its complexity and importance; the condition of the client; the amount or consequence at stake and the result obtained; the experience, reputation and ability of the attorney; and the skill necessary to handle the matter correctly.

In most cases of the firm, the fees are based upon a fixed rate of the previous time needed and the complexity of the file.

Fees are based upon the hourly rate of 200 Euros per hour (VAT free).

The fixed hourly rate includes all the fees and expenses that the firm shall bear, except for all outside fees, which will be invoiced independently (travel expenses, bailiff, correspondent attorneys, attorneys before the Courts of Appeal).