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Paul-Marie BeraudoAvocat au Barreau de Thonon-Les-Bains


Paul-Marie BERAUDO represents or assists his clients at all stages of litigation before all civil, criminal, commercial and labor jurisdictions.

His office main activity is primarily ligations in real estate and construction law. He also intervenes in civil law, commercial law, family law and criminal affairs.

He works in traditional matter as well as for emergency proceedings.

Real estate law
Criminal law

Family law

Commercial law


Real estate law

Criminal law

Family law

Commercial law

Litigation in Construction contracts.

French Construction Law sources are mostly the « Civil Code » and the « Code de la Construction et de l’Habitation ».

French law distinguishes three parties:

  1. Maître d’Ouvrage : the owner
  2. Maître d’Oeuvre : His mission is to conceive and direct the work ; usually he will be the architect or the general contractor
  3. Locateur d’ouvrage or entrepreneur : he is the contractor, the builder or the enterprise that intervenes under the control of the Maître d’Oeuvre

There are three main types of guarantees for the owner, the essential one is the Garantie Décennale, a ten year presumption of responsibility for the most inadequate wrongdoings.

In French law, construction contracts are highly specialized subcategories of contract law. Such as “Contrat de Construction de Maison Individuelle, CCMI” which is the basic construction contract or “Vente en l’Etat Futur d’Achèvement, VEFA”, a construction contract mixed with a selling contract.

  • Residential and Commercial Leasing issues
  • Construction Defects and Delays
  • Construction Claims, Contract Disputes
  • Co-ownership, joint tenancy
  • Boundary Disputes, Lien on property
  • Development law, Zoning, Land-Use and Variances
  • Mortgages

Criminal defense, traffic related offense, custom violations etc...

The firm assists its clients at all stages of the criminal proceedings, from preliminary investigations to trial before criminal courts.

Divorce, custody, child and spousal support etc…

Commercial contracts, bankruptcy law etc..

Tribunal d’Instance District court of first instance
Tribunal de Grande Instance Regional court of first instance
Tribunal de Commerce Commercial Court
Conseil des Prud’hommes Labor Court
Juge de l’éxécution Execution judge
Tribunal administratif Administrative Court
Cour d’Appel Court of Appeal (2nd instance)
Cour de Cassation Supreme Court (3rd instance)